Floor Varnishing

Quinn Painting and Decorating offers clients all across the greater Leinster area with a dedicated floor varnishing service. Few floor types make a statement the way a solid or semi-solid wood floor makes. Perfect for just about any room, wood floors emphasise the innate beauty of the wood grain while offering homeowners a strong, durable flooring solution. However, a wooden floor is dependent on proper maintenance to keep it in prime condition. A worn down wood floor loses its gloss finish and can prematurely age a property’s interior.
We offer our clients a full varnishing and sanding service that will ensure the retention of a woods natural smooth, elegant finish. Our team of highly skilled and experienced tradesmen, work with the latest in wood varnishing technology, offering clients an efficient and time-saving service that leaves even the oldest solid or semi-solid wood floor as new, every time.

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Advantages of Floor Varnishing

Wooden floors have a range of advantages for business and homeowners alike. Their natural aesthetic beauty and durability makes a wooden floor perfect for just about any room. They’re much easier to clean than carpets and unlike carpets don’t go out of style with such regularity.
Our sanding and varnishing service improves the stain resistance and durability of a wooden floor. Varnish goes above the wood, coating the surface with an invisible layer that not only improves the colour of the wood but protects it from spills and most impacts. Varnish coats the woods pores stopping the collection of dust and thus preventing the build-up of ugly black marks associated with non-varnished floors.
We recommend a wooden floor be sanded and varnished at least once every 5 years to keep it in prime condition and ensure it’ longevity.

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