Cabinet Painting

Quinn Painting and Decorating provides clients all over the Leinster area with a comprehensive kitchen cabinet service.
Working alongside the client our qualified and knowledge team are able to make suggestions based on kitchen décor, about the right colour for kitchen cabinets and the right kind of paint. Our team removes cabinets from the wall before the painting begins. This not only ensures an all over painting job, it is also extremely tidy and efficient. Quinn Painting and Decorating only every hand paints cabinets and does not employ a spray finish. Hand painted cabinets retain the natural grain detailing of the wood. The layer of paint complements this natural beauty rather that covers it up. Unlike spray painted finishes that leave an ugly plastic like finish, hand painted cabinets remain tactile to the touch retain the timeless finish of the wood.

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Our Hand-Painted Cabinets

Hand painted kitchens completely revitalise a kitchen space, updating the cabinets to suit new tiles or a new paint job. Best of all cabinet painting is available at a fraction of the price of having new cabinets installed.
Along with our painting service, we provide a full range of new handle options which can add an irresistible flourish to your new hand-painted cabinets. Our extras are available in a range of materials, sizes and designs. No matter what your buildings décor, Quinn Painting and Decorating will have the necessary extras to complement your interior.

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